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We offer a wide range of premium finned tube heat exchangers and coaxial heat exchangers for various applications in heating technology, the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, or machinery and plant technology. These products are always in stock and available to you when you need them.

Wieland Safety Heat Exchanger

Wieland Safety Heat Exchanger

Hygienic and compact: Wieland Safety Heat Exchangers are ideal for the direct heating of water for domestic use by condensing the refrigerant within the tank. The double-walled model offers additional safety against contamination.

More about direct condensation in the storage tank
Data sheet Safety Heat Exchanger

Finned tube condenser

Wieland WRK

WRK finned tube heat exchangers are suitable for efficient direct condensation and evaporation in heat pump buffer tanks. The inner grooved surface of the used finned tubes optimize the heat transfer. Thus highest COP-values are possible even with smallest temperature differences.

Data sheet WRK

Coaxial heat exchanger

Coaxial heat exchangers WKE | WKC

In coaxial heat exchangers, fluids are ideally conducted in counter-flow directions. The Wieland WKE and WKC series have been optimized for the condensation or evaporation of refrigerants and are used in reciprocating chillers and heat pumps.

Data sheet WKC | WKE

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Finned tube heat exchanger

Finned tube heat exchangers WRW

Storage heating, circulation heating of domestic water, protecting solid fuel boilers from overheating, or controlling the temperature of oils and emulsions: With our WRW series of heat exchangers, you are putting your trust in highly developed, compact solutions that are ready to install.

Data sheet WRW

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  • Large selection of finned tube heat exchangers with various performance characteristics
  • Broad scope of applications in heating technology, the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, or in machinery and plant technology
  • Quick and convenient delivery from the warehouse, with some stock available through retailers

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