Customized Heat Exchangers
Heat Exchangers

Customized Heat Exchangers

Figure out with us the best heat exchanger design for your heat-transfer challenge

The requirements of heat exchangers are as diverse as their applications - this is why nine out of ten heat exchangers we deliver, are customized to our clients' needs. Together with you, we develop innovative heat exchanger concepts that clearly set you apart from other manufacturers in terms of efficiency, compact design and service life: from customized fittings for optimum installation through to the complete heat exchanger design in the material that best suits your application.

Our offer

  • Together we clarify your heat-transfer and design challenge,
  • we design the best solution using our CAD heat-transfer and forming technology know-how,
  • we create functional prototypes and
  • measure their performance at our in-house thermal engineering laboratory,
  • supporting you from the design of the prototype through to series production.

Our materials

Depending on your requirements regarding corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity as well as mechanical and processing properties, we choose the most suitable material.


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Safety heat exchanger for domestic hot water heat pump

Design your S&T heat exchangers directly online:

Our offer

  • Customer-specific advice and product design
  • Expertise in heat transfer and design
  • Layout and design, e.g. with CAD and CFD
  • Measuring possibilities at our in-house thermal engineering laboratory
  • Support from prototype to series production



Your benefits

  • Solution for your specific heat-transfer challenge
  • Compact solutions using as little material as possible
  • Ready-to-install solutions for your trouble-free series production
  • Optimal thermal characteristics at low pressure drops
  • Engineering and manufacturing from a single source

Your contact person for your best heat exchanger design

Andreas Moritz, Manager Sales & Technical Marketing

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