Safety tubes

Safety tubes

For absolutely reliable media separation with best thermal contact

Safety tubes are used for economical and safe heat transfer. The double wall tubes feature defined leakage paths for the absolutely reliable separation of fluids. For your individual requirements concerning fluid dynamics, we decide on the most suitable surface structure. Our GEWA-safe tubes are a reliable and safe choice for applications such as the direct heating of drinking water using critical fluids as in heating technology or for controlling the temperature of sensitive chemical processes.

GEWA-safe tube in copper

GEWA-safe tubes in copper and copper alloys

For safe heating of drinking water in heat pumps, heat recovery, heat transfer units, as well as for transformer cooling.

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GEWA-safe tube in stainless steel

GEWA-safe tubes in stainless steel

With metallic heat transfer for chemical/petrochemical processes and industrial heat recovery systems.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Reliable | Double walled safety tubes with defined leakage gaps paths are a safe option for fluid separation.
  • Efficient | Benefit from the efficiency of direct and safe heat transfer between fluids.
  • Highest system availability | Detect leaks at an early stage and fix them on your scheduled maintenance.
  • Compact and economical | Reduce material costs and fill levels with a more compact heat exchanger design.

Our Materials

We offer you a broad portfolio of materials and can expand our offering at any time to meet your specific needs regarding thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, or corrosion resistance. GEWA-safe double wall tubes are available in copper, copper-nickel, carbon and stainless steel.


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