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Partnership based on long-term collaboration and R&D efforts

We have jointly discovered the opportunities for our customers – and now we are collaborating for nearly 20 years to jointly market innovative heat exchangers – since 2007 as cooperation partner.

Enhanced Heat Transfer Solutions

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The enhanced heat transfer solutions developed by Technip, a world leader in engineering, project management and technologies, and Wieland, a global leader in heat transfer and forming technologies, provide improved energy efficiency and substantial savings to Ethylene and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plants.

Substantial savings and environmental benefits with efficient shell-and-tube heat exchangers

Heat exchange is a pivotal unit operation in most industrial processes, e.g. refining, ethylene, gas treatment and liquefaction. The most frequently encountered technologies are shell-and-tube, air cooled and miscellaneous compact heat exchangers.

Technip-Wieland's enhanced heat transfer solutions for shell-and-tube technology provide substantial savings and environmental benefits through:

  • reduced investment and operating costs
  • higher productivity and improved energy efficiency by either reducing the size of the units or the temperature approach and/or increasing its thermal performance
  • reduced CO2 emissions.

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