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Heating Technology

Higher efficiency in buffer tanks

Customized, efficient and economical – medium-high finned tubes in carbon steel

Our proven medium-high finned GEWA-D tubes are now also available in carbon steel and therefore represent an interesting alternative to high-priced materials – and this with the same or higher efficiency! Regardless of whether it is an application in the solar, heat pump or heat recovery sector.

Higher energy content in the buffer tank with Wieland finned tubes

With their large surfaces and compact design, WIELAND finned-tube heat exchangers made of carbon steel increase the energy content of existing buffer storage tanks by 25 %. The material carbon steel makes direct welding into the buffer tank possible.

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The high heat transfer due to the large outer surface allows for a compact design compared to smooth tube heat exchangers. The energy capacity of your tank can be increased by 25% related to dynamic loading cycles and unloading cycles.

These robust and customized heat exchangers can be welded directly into your steel tank. There are no additional costs for fittings or other connection technology.

The innovative finned tube solution in carbon steel can also be used in many other applications such as solid-fuel boilers and help you to build your equipment more efficiently and economically. Wherever heat has to be transferred cost-effectively, the GEWA-D tube in carbon steel is your solution.


Technical details

Your benefits at a glance

  • Efficient | Energy capacity of your buffer tank increases by 25%
  • Economical | Significant cost advantage over stainless steel and copper tubes
  • Ready to install | can be welded directly into your steel tank
  • Bespoke | Design customized to your requirements

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