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Wieland Safety Heat Exchanger

Absolutely safe media separation with double wall tube

Wieland Safety Heat Exchangers consist of double-sided structured tubes made of copper Cu-DHP. The double-wall design ensures an absolutely reliable media separation and complies with the safety regulations of many European countries for heating drinking water with refrigerant.  

Standard galvanic tin plating of the outer surface reduces the corrosion risk of galvanized steel pipes connected downstream.

Available Versions



Q [kW)*



Finned tube no.







Dmax amax y1 y2
Safety Heat
Exchanger 10
3.2 1.0 DXB-1150.12090-18 4,000 0.4 10 118 380 20 30 3.7
Safety Heat
Exchanger 22
8.5 2.2 DXB-1150.12090-18 8,100 0.7 10 168 505 35 35 7.3

*) Refrigerant R410A: t0=0 °C, tC=40 °C und ∆T=12 K (difference between condensation and water temperature)


Assembly Instructions

Wieland Safety Heat Exchanger is designed with one tube end with protruding inner tube, to install any warning system for leak detection. The gap at the other tube end can be closed by brazing.

To avoid vibration failure, the finned tube heat exchanger should be braced in the tank not only for transportation but also in operation. We are offering a special-made mounting bracket as accessory for Safety Heat Exchanger 22.

As a rule, for the use as condenser / desuperheater the Wieland WRK is placed into the bottom part of the hot water tank. Its position may be horizontal or vertical.

The mounting to the storage flange is by means of a hexagon nut, EPDM-seal and hollow disk (included). When fixing the nut, it is necessary to counterhold at the fitting flats. Connected refrigerant pipes should be soldered to the pipe ends and fully absorb vibrations. A muffler should be mounted where the refrigerant vapour enters.


Quality Assurance

Responsibility begins with a high standard of quality. As the first company for semi-finished products in Europe, we have been on the path to certified quality management since 1987.
Today, we have DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certifications for all producing plants, and our testing laboratories in Ulm and Vöhringen are additionally accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.

Pressure Equipment Directive

WRK heat exchangers correspond with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU. Our standard heat exchangers are leak-tested with an overpressure of 68 bar. On the refrigerant side, they are cleaned in accordance with DIN 8964, dried, filled with nitrogen and sealed with plastic caps.

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