We bring together
many innovative ideas.

A global leader

As a global leader, Wieland Thermal Solutions designs and produces enhanced surface tubes and heat exchangers - for optimal heat transfer with a minimal investment of materials and energy.

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Innovative Spirit.


Outstanding results.

Diverse and manifold

Our staff across Europe, North America, and Asia enrich the enterprise with their varied traditions, talents, experiences, and expertise. Together we exceed your expectations with our innovative solutions.

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Wieland Rippenrohre Wärmeübertrager

Finned tubes and heat exchangers for greater efficiency

We break new ground in heat transfer and forming technologies: With our unique service portfolio, we can fulfill your every requirement.

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Extensive industry insights

Our comprehensive knowledge of heat transfer technology and our extensive industry insights take you further: Our space-saving, long-lasting, and efficient solutions provide you with a competitive advantage.

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Team Wieland

Long-lasting relationships

Unique in the industry: our combination of heat transfer expertise and design know-how. We partner with you throughout your products’ complete life cycles – from conceptualization to further technical enhancements.

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Support around the globe

We have production facilities and sales offices around the globe, ready to develop custom-tailored solutions and service concepts in line with your regional requirements.

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Save energy, materials, and space

Every year we invest 2 to 3 % of our revenues in research and development. Our development teams leverage state-of-the-art laboratory and testing equipment to push the boundaries in heat transfer and forming technologies.

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A culture of continuous improvement

When it comes to quality, workplace safety, or environmental protection, we make absolutely no compromises. In addition, the Wieland Value Creation System drives us to continuously improve the quality of our products and services and to provide you with the best value for your money.


Heat transfer and forming technologies for the next generation

Wieland Thermal Solutions develops and produces heat transfer solutions for an energy-efficient world – so your products can shape the future.


To create one-of-a-kind
solutions for you.