Low-finned tubes

For extreme efficiency in a variety of applications For extreme efficiency in a variety of applications

For extreme efficiency in a variety of applications

Low-finned tubes are a reliable solution for controlling the temperature of gases and liquids, or for evaporating and condensing refrigerants. Thanks to their larger heat transfer surface area, they offer considerable potential to save in terms of materials and fill volumes.

The wide range of dimensions offered by Wieland Thermal Solutions makes these products perfect for a broad scope of applications in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, for oil/gas coolers in machinery and plant engineering, and for intermediate vapor superheaters in process engineering.

GEWA-K and S/T Trufin low-finned tubes

GEWA-K tubes offer a greater outer surface area compared to plain tubes. This is ideal for scenarios where the heat transfer surface coefficients vary significantly between the shell tube and the inner tube.

GEWA-KS and Turbo Chil low-finned tubes

In GEWA-KS tubes, a special pattern is formed on the inside of the tube. This is ideal for scenarios with a low-heat transfer coefficient on the tube side, or an equally low-heat transfer coefficient on both sides.


We offer you a broad portfolio of materials and can expand our offering at any time to meet your specific needs regarding thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, or corrosion resistance. Low-finned tubes made by Wieland Thermal Solutions are already available in copper, copper-nickel, aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and titanium.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Reliable solutions for diverse application areas
  • Larger heat transfer surface compared to smooth tubes
  • Savings in material thanks to reduced tube length
  • Fill level reductions on account of increased efficiency