Medium high finned tubes

Medium high finned tubes Medium high finned tubes

For compact coiled and bent elements

Medium high finned tubes provide a much larger outer surface area. This makes them ideal for use as compact and highly efficient coiled and bent elements. They offer a robust and reliable solution for everything from oil coolers to water heaters, storage units, and refrigerant condensers used in heating technology.

GEWA-D medium high finned tubes

GEWA-D medium high finned tubes are available in a number of different sizes, and they accommodate the highest of mechanical and thermal loads. A perfect match for the distinct geometries of heat exchangers.

GEWA-DS medium high finned tubes

GEWA-DS tubes are medium high finned tubes made of copper and copper alloys, as well as aluminum alloys. The inner surface texture of the GEWA-DS tube is specially developed for high-viscosity fluids .


We offer you a broad portfolio of materials and can expand our offering at any time to meet your specific needs regarding thermal conductivity, mechanical properties, or corrosion resistance. Medium high finned tubes are already available in copper, copper-nickel, aluminum, and steel.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Greater surface area compared to plain tubes
  • Available with various surface textures and in various dimensions for optimal efficiency
  • Ideal for compact and robust heat exchangers thanks to outstanding bending and forming properties