Maximum efficient high-performance titanium tubes

The high-performance tubes from Wieland Thermal Solutions are optimized for use as condenser or evaporator tubes in shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Made of titanium, these tubes meet the highest demands for long-term and corrosion resistance.

Condenser tubes GEWA-CLF

The enhanced structures of GEWA-CLF titanium tubes have an optimized inundation behavior of condensed refrigerants on the outside of the tube. In combination with low fouling structures on the tubeside which are specially adapted to challenging water qualities, this results in highest heat transfer coefficients.


Evaporator tubes GEWA-BLF and BPL

The enhanced structures of GEWA-BLF and BPL on the tube surface are optimized for the nucleate boiling of refrigerants and similar media. Complemented by low fouling structures optimally suitable for challenging water qualities, highest heat transfer coefficients are achieved. For extreme fouling, we also offer plain inner surfaces.



On our ThermalS online platform, we make our thermal engineering know-how available to you. It allows you to conveniently thermally design your shell-and-tube condensers and evaporators with our GEWA-BLF/CLF titanium tubes.

Benefits at a glance

  • Efficiency | Significantly higher heat transfer coefficients than plain or low finned tubes
  • Robust | Resistant in dirty and seawater environments
  • Durability | Corrosion-free and long-term resistance
  • Safety | Highest corrosion resistance of titanium
  • Know-how | Precise thermal design with ThermalS and comprehensive technical advice.